Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thank you

Darcie Brown taught her last Kindermusik class this weekend. With two artful little ones in the house and her husband's booming photography business, Darcie needed a little more room in her life.

A musician, advocate, entreprenuer, and a savvy talent, Darcie was the recipient of an Abbottsford community program designed to help new business owners get started. After starting her Kindermusik studio, she also joined and supported an all-women's group of small business owners who met each month to network, swap ideas, and help each other grow.

I'm personally grateful to Darcie for hosting me almost one year ago this month for some Kindermusik focus groups. She's opened my world to Tim Bits, my heart to her son Xander, my eyes to her husband's photography, and my ears to her voice. Search her blog for the audio clip she posted to odeo of her singing summertime.

And for many Kindermusik bloggers, she was an inspiration, as well as the "Educator Voice" on the Family Time blog.

All of us here at Kindermusik wish her the very best.


Carolyn said...

Amen, Molly.

As an educator in Darcie's neck of the woods, I will miss her terribly. Darcie has been a phenomenal sounding board. May she be as successful in her new venture as she was with Kindermusik.

All the best!


Molly McGinn said...

I have a feeling all her good ideas will not go to waste.

Best to you Carolyn, too. She speaks quite highly of you.