Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Big House

Angelica (our Italian-accented International rep.) and Jessi made this video. We're sending it to the Kindermusik Educator's Convention in South Africa--so that a little bit of us, can be there.

You'll notice the voice singing the song is Dan Pratt, Kindermusik's founder. And you'll also notice quite a few other friendly faces.


Jan Schluter said...

Oh, Molly, this is fabulous! I really enjoyed seeing Dan Pratt singing! I've seen him speak and heard his voice on the CDs, but never have seen him sing. Hey, maybe he could sing some time at convention!

And, being from New Orleans, I especially appreciate the song choice!

You guys look like you really love your jobs and have fun together. Thanks for sharing it with your fans.

Jan Schluter (in New Orleans)

Molly McGinn said...

I think Dan had more fun than anyone else, I can almost promise you that.

But yep, we do have a good time, here. And in all sincerity, we work hard, hard, hard, and play when we can.

After all, our bosses are the best: You, and all the little ones in your studios!

Merri said...

What a lovely video! :-D

It is so much fun to see *and* hear Dan Pratt at the same time! I've loved this song from the first time I taught it in ABC Music & Me.

And it's so nice to have faces to put with names and voices at KI. Y'all need to do this on a regular basis. :-)

Kathryn Nobles said...

I love it!! Dan Pratt is my favorite, I love his voice. Carol Penney is who every Kindermusik teacher wants to be when they grow up. Thanks for making the video.

Miss Sunny said...

Just wonderful! Thanks for keeping us connected :)