Thursday, May 17, 2007

A tale of two instruments

In this video, "After the Gold Rush," Neil uses a church organ with a harmonica for a very unusual effect. I like the contradiction, and for a heavier song, it works--the complicated church organ with a very simple harmonica instrument.

The combination got me thinking: I've been toying around with another soundtrack project and thought about using a church organ with the ukulele. The comedic sound of the uke, with the heaviness of the organ may musically illustrate the main character perfectly: A feisty 80-year-old woman who decides she doesn't want to be buried when she dies ... much to the grief of a conservative son.

Ever heard a song with the ukulele/church organ combination?


Anonymous said...

Darcie Brown said...

I've never heard of such a could make history! (Jason thinks it would sound cool.)

Merri said...

You'd probably be the first, Molly!

I like the pump organ on this vid. Haven't seen or heard one of those in a long time.