Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A proposal

I hadn't seen John in a while, so I was happy to recognize that face under the hat, headphones, and characteristic unlit cigarette. He gave me a big hug, said trouble can't seem to leave him, and offered to marry me.

I told him not until he figures out how to leave those troubles behind.


mollie said...

how romantic. maybe marrying you would send his troubles packing, tho. :)

Molly McGinn said...

I'll bet so. Now on to see if he can find four-leaf clovers.

Merri said...

Hey, Molly, next time you see him, please tell John that he has a fan club online. Nice to know that he's okay. :-)

Molly McGinn said...

You know, I did tell him that. Told him I showed his video to some women who teach music to children, and how much they appreciated what he said.

I'm not sure it registered, but I told him.