Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hologram-fighting glamor queen

I used to love this show. I mean c'mon, a crime-fighting rock star with all the latest technology at her fingertips, be it musical or technical?

Plus, every episode was basically a mini-musical with the Misfits riffing in with their minor, rock chords, singing about how they were going to take the Hologram's down.

Good times.


jessi said...

no way! what a blast from the past - i remember watching that...and i had the jem doll that came with the sing-along tape... wow.

Anonymous said...

Man, I loved Jem on Saturday mornings! What happened to cartoons like these?:)

Cathy Portele

Anonymous said...

I have the doll, too--which I LOVED! The idea of the secret identity, etc. Actually, Jem is now in my kids' toy box!
Thanks for the flashback!
Lori Kilmer

Molly McGinn said...

You have the doll?

I would have likely mutilated mine, like I with the other other action girl figures.

The hair always proved too tempting, and I had to cut it off. Not maliciously, just creatively, you know?

I want to see a picture.