Monday, March 19, 2007

When hands cry

If you're teaching Sign & Sing, you've felt the chills as parents watch their children say what they need before they ever say their first word. Kindermusik Educator Tracey Kretzer captured that moment on tape, and uploaded it to her new You Tube account.

Tracey sent me this email:

"I attended your blogger break out session at convention last fall. I learned a lot; thank you! I finally uploaded my first email to YouTube and thought I’d share it with you. I hope to get a blog together soon!

My now 12 month old Sign & Sing daughter started signing CRY instead of crying!She does this in a 5 word sentence! She actually started signing in 3 word sentences at 6 months old.

If pictures say 1,000 words; videos say a million; and this little one leaves me speechless.

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Merri said...


Seeing a very young child communicate so clearly at this age *always* gives me chills!

Thanks, Molly, for sharing this with us!