Friday, March 02, 2007

All done

Sent off the finished album for the RPM songwriter's challenge just two hours ahead of deadline. It should arrive today. Still, it was a great exercise, and you can check out some of tunes on my Music MySpace page.


Merri said...

Hard to decide which one I like the best......hmmmmmm.... maybe "Preachers and Thieves".... but I also really liked "Kill Devil Hills," too. Nah, can't decide.

Good stuff, Molly. Keep it up! :-)

jessi said...

def kill devil hills....but that's just my lil ole opinion... :)

ps i'm your biggest fan!

Sean said...

do you know that you're booked for a time slot on st. patty's day? i'll try not to be too wasted by the time you come on. ;)

Cathy Portele said...


I LOVE Beautiful Ugly Man! Great job and thanks for sharing!


Aimee Carter said...

LOVE Kill Devil Hills! Very smooth.