Thursday, March 29, 2007

Move over soccer mom: Meet Alpha mom

A new generation of mothers is dubbed "Alpha Mom" in USA Today.


Merri said...

Bingo! You have just described a number of my KM moms, Molly. Smart, *busy*, very techno-savvy, and networking like crazy, they want the best for their children. And that's why they look to Kindermusik.

Molly McGinn said...

Amazing, isn't it?

Just curious, how do you think Kindermusik helps them network, and what could we do to help strenghthen connection?

Merri said...

These women are *very* busy - not only with children, but also jobs, careers, and other commitments that they find satisfying for themselves on a personal level.

Hence, the internet dependence. They want information - good information - fast, quick, and easy.

Many times, these moms are on the internet on their Blackberrys at the doctor's office, between meetings, even in the car, not to mention on the computer at all hours of the night or early, early morning.

KI has good, solid, satisfying information on the website with clear direct links to educators within distances chosen by the interested parent.

The videos that you've made of various programs have been a *tremendous* aid for educators to use in drawing new families in. The media downloads are a wonderful tool, as well. These are all useful, marketing tools, but they're somewhat buried in the site. I don't see anywhere on the website anything like a "Tell a friend" link where they can email a friend to share the info. (note to self here - put that on my own site)

Plus the website does have some things that are a little outdated and is there anything on the site about ABC Music & Me? I couldn't find it. Many of these women have children in childcare and would push for ABC in their child's center.

These women, being so technosavvy, notice little things like this. If it's out of date, or inconvenient, they'll just shrug their shoulders and move on to something that appears more up-to-date or makes it *easy* for them and their families.

Long answer, Molly. Sorry about that, but I hope it helps!

Molly McGinn said...

Merri, this is lovely.

What about Parent Email Databanks in a Blackberry version? Shorter bits, with quick activities they could apply right there in the car, in line at the grocery store?

Or, a Tune In for your Blackberry? Can you play music on those things. Heck yes you can.

Also, great feedback on improvements we can make to our site.

And, you take as many words as you need. This is great stuff!

Merri said...

You said:

What about Parent Email Databanks in a Blackberry version? Shorter bits, with quick activities they could apply right there in the car, in line at the grocery store?.....

Merri here:

I have had *SOOOO* many parents tell me that they've used little bits of suggested songs or home activities that I've given them *in* class or through the blog at the store, standing in line, waiting at the doctor's offices, etc. This would be *TERRIFIC*! Not just for Blackberrys, but for anyone to do. Sad to say, many of them don't have time or make time to read the Activity Books at home. They need them in bite-sized versions. :-)

Darcie said...

I think it's a good name for a new generation of mommies.

Did you watch the Cadillac video clip? When they showed her nephews I thought, "Ha! She doesn't even have her own kids." But then she talks about her teenagers! She is one hot mama.

Miss Joy said...

I loved that Tune In started up again. As on of these internet dependent moms, I know that I and lots of my friends are signed up for the Parent Center/Baby Center Newsletters that come out weekly with developmental tidbits. I think if KM could tap into that kind of thing with Tune In it would be huge. I actually read them almost every week, and invariably some other mom sends me quotes from hers.