Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't let the sweet face fool you: He's a pirate

Pictured here is the always camera-ready Xander, and while I've strayed from the habit of posting "Xander's Kwips" lately, I'm linking you to Xander's latest video shoot.

Watch this. Especially the alternating rhythm with swinging the sword and slapping the knee. Who needs rum when you have rhythm like this?

We've used several of Xander's Dad's photos for Kindermusik marketing materials (especially with Mom Darcie being a Kindermusik Educator, too). Being the cost-savvy folks we are here at Kindermusik, I've paid her in Do-Re-Me & You! product for the pictures. She sent this video as a thank you.

Special note: Have you seen a camera like the one used in the above picture? A friend just bought one in Brooklyn, and apparently it takes four pictures at one time.

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