Friday, March 23, 2007

Kindermusik in 'Strailia

Pictured above is Aussie Educator Michelle Spencer. Below is a letter that a parent (and PhD) sent us explaining why she feels so at home, even half-way around the world.

Dear Kindermusik International,

I just want to share what a wonderful experience we have had in Kindermusik. We are Americans living in Australia and I was thrilled to find a Kindermusik program in our area. I have been taking my one-year-old to her Village class since she was six months old.

She knows when we are getting close to Hawthorn Music Studio, where her class is held, and she begins kicking and squealing with excitement in anticipation of her class. Michelle Spencer has been our teacher in each of our three terms, however we have had opportunities to experience other teachers during make-up classes as well.

I have nothing but praise for the program and the teachers alike. They are all eager, energetic and clearly love children and music. As a mother, I appreciate that Michelle explains to all of the parents how each activity benefits the development of the children. As a doctor of psychology, I appreciate her accuracy in these explanations.

You should be pleased to know that even on the other side of the world, the Kindermusik name is well-respected. Our experience has been so positive that we have found another class to join when we return to the United States next month. We will certainly miss the Hawthorn Music Studio, however I take great comfort in knowing that my daughter's transition will be easier thanks to the familiarity of the Kindermusik program.

Sincerely,Melanie L. Collins, Psy.D.

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