Monday, March 26, 2007

Search the top three early learning sites

Scroll down on the right-hand column and I've linked a google search to the big three child development resources:

So next time you need a quick tip, research bit, or something smart pertaining to child development, just type in your key words and it'll search only the sites listed here. Also, if you think other sites should be included in the mix, let me know.

Thanks Poff!


Curt said...

Exposing information to people who previously thought it to be off-limits? That's what pays my bills.

- cp

PS. I've gotten back into rock climbing lately and thought about some of our old trips. Hence the random re-connect. ;)

Molly McGinn said...

Poff, that's great to hear. Does your wife climb, too?

I took some lessons here at an indoor gym a few years ago, but during one lesson, my instructor kept getting down on one knee, while I was on the wall. When I asked what was wrong, he said he passing a gall stone but that had taken some medication for the pain.

Um. Nope.

Needless to say I never went back.

Curt said...

Right. Sounds like you're 'instructor' was up to some monkey business.

You should go back. I bet he's waiting for you. ;)