Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Three more days

On Saint Patrick's Day I always try to be in the middle of my favorite Irishmen.

Left to right: My Dad, big brother Danny, and (not so little anymore) brother Ryan. Sadly, we'll likely be in different places this year. Ryan will be in Western North Carolina, playing host to his soon-to-be-in-law family in Charlotte. Danny is hosting his in-laws in Raleigh, on the Eastern side of North Carolina. And I am still in the middle, smack dab in the middle of the state in Greensboro, NC.

I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up, though, unannounced. Especially since this year, for the first time, my Dad won't need to shush the crowd, or lift me onto the bar or a stage to sing. I've actually been offered one this year.


Annie said...

Molly! Your gig for St. Patrick's Day looks awesome! I'm so sorry we won't be there to see it, but I expect a full report. It won't be the same without you reaching out to keep me from falling while Irish limbo-ing. Ahhh...memories!

Sean said...

we're gonna have some fuuun! ;)

Molly McGinn said...

Annie, thanks for the note. Keep my brother up-right, please. Well. That takes an act of God, really.

And Mr. Coon, I believe the term is "veritable hoot." Or shall I put that in a limmerick for you?

Sean is a judge for the limmerick contest this year.

Yianna said...

This is worth flying to Greece for. I love your songs on myspace, too. Molly, you are a bright, twinkling star. Shamrocks to you!

Yianna said...

Oops I meant this is worth flying FROM Greece for. I still think I'm there in NC!