Friday, February 16, 2007

Village video

Kindermusik Village on Vimeo


Merri said...

This is *gorgeous,* Molly! Thank you and everyone involved at KI for these videos. They are terrific!

Yvette said...

HI Molly, I hesitate to comment because surely I only WANT to rave. We appreciate these little spots you are producing. Thank you.
But two things struck me while viewing the Village one.
Please please include at least one TINY baby visually.
2. You said "You may even see babies as young as 6 months". I've had 2 families start babies that were 5 WEEKS old. One was actually registered before he was born but had to wait 5 weeks before the fall semester began! If they even had the mere subtle suggestion that 6 months was the earliest reasonable start time then I would be losing 5 valuable months and worse: the babies would be missing that early start!

Thanks for hearing me out!
I love the work you are doing.

Molly McGinn said...

Thanks Yvette for your comment, and I'm glad you spoke, er, wrote up.

The trouble mostly was that this was the last day of this Village class... No babies!

We'll continue filming classes this semester, and post the final videos on the Teacher's Lounge. I usually post them here first to get your feedback.

Keep checking back for another video with even littler babies.

5 weeks? Wow. I've had one as young as six months.

Oh, and I'll make some edits in the voice over so it will reflect even younger ages.

Darcie Brown said...

Looks great! Nice camera angles, voice over (although I did notice the 6 month thing as well) and background music.

The youngest I usually get in Kindermusik is between 3 and 4 months.

Merri said...

Hey, Molly, can this video be posted on another site other than Vimeo? I can embed it into my website which I have done, but I can't use it on my blog. Pretty please? :-)

Debbie said...

Hey Molly,

FYI - I've had 2 weeks and 4 weeks. REALLY! And, yes, I noticed the 6 months comment right away, too.