Sunday, February 25, 2007

Still as a blackpaper silhouette

I'm out Monday and Tuesday, finishing the recordings for the RPM challenge. In the next two days we'll record the final 6 or 7 songs with a guest stand-up bass player and lap steel guitar player. That's the hope anyway.

Sean asked if I was going to blog the lyrics, and I thought, "Why would I want to do that?"

That's when I realized I've been writing without thinking people would really hear them. That makes the songs feel a little more vulnerable for me, I guess. Some are old stories that I've been wanting to tell for a long time. Some are new ones about my struggles with faith, and the day that all changed at the Wright Brother's Memorial at Kill Devil Hills. Another song just got me through a tortuous couple of days, waiting to hear back from an old boyfriend I should have never contacted again. And another song just wrote itself, basically: An ode to the beautiful, ugly men like Jeff Tweedy, Jack White, and Ray LaMontagne.

Plus one really fun song for the ukulele.

That's the risk I guess. Don't know why I forgot about it. But I did.


Sarah Flack said...

Don't suppose you might be talked into sharing some of your recording? I've been a fan of your voice since the lullaby at convention. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah, and I can be talked into it. I'm dropping the CD into the mail on Thursday, and should have some songs up on my myspace page tomorrow.

Thanks though. Glad you heard the song.