Friday, February 16, 2007

Songwriter's Round tonight

Tonight, 8 pm, The Green Bean. We've been doing these in Greensboro for almost a year now, and I credit the first one, held at The Green Bean for introducing me to Laurelyn Dossett. She's performed on the Garrison Keillor show, produced music for two successful local plays, is a wife, and mother of three, beautiful curly-haired girls. Laurelyn constantly scoops up tender, creative souls, brings them under her wing, and gives them a stage on which to perform. She could have inspired the Beatles lyric, "the love you take is equal to the love you make." She can also be seen walking around the Westerwood neighborhood stealing figs from unprotected trees.

Tonight, she'll debut a new songwriter, Caitlyn Watkins. The senior at Weaver is a musical, creative threat with startling guitar rhythms, and edgy lyrics for any girl, never mind those doe-shaped eyes.

Also joining us is Rebecca Stevens, a fiddler, singer, songwriter herself. Rebecca hired me to sing with her band, Thacker Dairy Road. Each week we practice in a barn without heat while the boys squint and dangle cigarettes from their mouths as they play.

Also, I'll get a chance to squeak out some these new tunes I've been writing.

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