Thursday, February 01, 2007

27 days

Today also marks the start of songwriter's contest the RPM Challenge. Basically songwriter's from around the world will write, record, and produce and album in the shortest month of the year. That's about one song every two days.
So if the postings get all little odd, sparse, or unclear from here on out, chalk it up to the creative process. The working title for the album is "Girl with slingshot" with some loose ideas on songs about the Wright Brothers; a voice; and trying to write and drive at the same time.


Cathy Portele said...

Good Luck!

Merri said...

Let the creative juices flow, Molly. I know that you'll do a great job!

Btw, do we get to hear some of the end results? Pretty please?

(big cheesy grin)

Good luck!

Darcie + Xander said...

Let us know if you need any help with the sound effects for your album. We're pretty good at cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, flying superheros, crashing superheros, upset 4 year olds, crying babies, cute kid laughs and tired parents. We also do select animal sounds especially if they involve roaring (i.e., dinosaurs, monsters, etc.).

Molly McGinn said...

Thanks to you all, and I appreciate that. Wrote three songs already! Well, almost three. Got a start on them anyway.

And of course I'll share, but you can check it out anytime on my myspace page: