Friday, February 23, 2007

Choices, choices, choices

For the first time this summer, you can offer one, or all of the Kindermusik programs to your families as a camp. So, what's in your summer program?
ABC Music & Me
Family Time
Sign & Sing


Merri said...

Y'all have got my head *spinning* with all the possibilities, Molly! I'm still trying to figure this out!

Molly McGinn said...

Hmmm, is that a good thing?
How can I help?

Anonymous said...

How can we work ABC as a summer camp? I would love to do that for the preschool that I'm working at.
Cathy Portele

Merri said...

I'm trying to decide which way I'd like to go, which way I think my families would prefer, and which way actually fits my schedule best. So you've got ABC and all the flexibility there - 4 wks/8wks (2 units)or Adventures (5 wks - 1 day/wk; 2 wks - TTh + one last T; or 1 wk - M-F).

Plus, do you add craft and snack like I did last year, or leave it off?

Depending on all those answers, how much time do I allot for each class and how many do I schedule?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!


P.S. *LOVE* the photo!

Molly McGinn said...

We're putting together some ideas for you to use the ABC camp for 2 and 4s, and the new one for 4 to 6s.

Look for those ideas in some upcoming issues of eNotes.

Also, if you have some experience using ABC as a short camp, we'd love to hear about it.

Thanks again for the feedback, and please, keep it coming.