Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beatbox flute and Peter and the Wolf

Hap tip Kindermusik at Sound and Motion.


Miss Terri said...

Molly-I have a hard time playing the You Tube videos on all my computers. It will play for 1-2 seconds, then pause for a REALLY long time, then play again.

Any ideas?

Thanks, and Happy March 1st!

Molly McGinn said...

That happens for me as well sometimes, and I think it really depends on the time of day.

Online traffic tends to be heavier towards the late afternoon -- especially on You Tube.

Generally though, if I'm having trouble with a skipping video I'll give the video plenty of time to load before I press play.

Or, I'll click the You Tube logo on the video itself and go straight to the site, and look to see if there are any other similar videos that might load faster for me.

Then if that doesn't work, I go make a sandwhich. Or borrow 50 cents from somebody here for a granola bar.

: )