Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Put the needle on the record

Someday I will own a motorcycle with a sidecar, and dee-jay turntables. With this new video game, the turntables may come sooner than the sidecar. Only, I'll need a Sony Playstation first.

Beatmania is a new music-game for Sony Playstations, and if the trend and trade papers are right, music-related video games will emerge as a hot new genre in the video game industry. I hope so.

Now you might be thinking to yourself (as a Kindermusik Educator) that turntables have nothing to do with Kindermusik. I would disagree. Watch this video of DJ Spooky up here. Now.

Kind of looks like a free dance with Uskudar, right?

Right brain, left brain integration. One hand controls the beat, the other controls the scratch and melody.

Multi-sensory. Like dee-jay Spooky, they're always moving. Needling with both hands, mastering rhythm, digging out records with the other, listening to their headphones, dancing, and making sure that everybody else is moving.

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