Thursday, August 03, 2006

My favorite sound is the sound of your voice

Really, though, my favorite sound is the truth, but that's another entry ....

Still, something about the sound of a person's voice captures me, and no doubt, your voice captures the parents in your classes, the children you teach, and your family members.

Use your voice in marketing, too. Maybe www.odeo.comcan help. Joy Granade of "injoy your day" described it as the "flickr" for your Kindermusik voice. To share a recording of your voice, it's literally as easy as picking up the phone and leaving message. Go. Play. And think about how your voice can enhance your marketing:

Record your voice saying your favorite FOLS and post them on your Web site.
Post .mp3's of the children in your classes singing their favorite Kindermusik songs.

1 comment:

Darcie Brown said...

Sa-weet! I set up an account and recorded myself within 5 minutes. Very user friendly and fun.