Thursday, August 03, 2006

Put the "arrr" in party.

Forgive the pirate references, but come on, the "bounty" is too good. This month Do-Re-Me & You! is giving Kindermusik Educators 30 percent of the loot when you host a Show & Tell. Loot you can use to buy curricula, instruments, or marketing materials for your studio.

The best part? Access to new products, including the Scottish-speaking, swashbuckling Rupert, the Wrong Word Pirate. His tendency to mispronounce words makes it mayhem for his crew, and gives preschooler's a knee-slapper and a language lesson as they sing along and point out the right word. And with songs that will inspire a musical theater sense of imagination inside any child's mind, you can throw a pirate-inspired party and really put the "arrr" in party.

Ideas for a pirate-themed party (via the Do-Re-Me & You! loop).
More about the special offer to host a party and earn FREE Kindermusik products for your studio.
Don't know what to say to get your party started? We can give you the words.


Darcie Brown said...

I'm getting more and more jealous. Do you have any idea when DRMY is going to be available in Canada?

greenemama said...

i saw that and wanted to buy it all. immediately.

Molly McGinn said...

Ladies, you're both somethin' else.

Darcie, it may be a while before DRMY! comes to Canada, but we're working on it.