Monday, August 21, 2006

One ringy-dingy or one text message?

Ask parents how they would like to recieve news and updates about your Kinbermusik program this semester: Via email, mailbox, or voice message. Then, try out these two new ways to phone or text message information en masse to the families in your program, the Educators in your studio, or the folks in your carpool group.

  • Pheeder. With one phone call, Pheeder will send a recorded broadcast message to a list of telephone numbers you put in the system. Think of how Pheeder will change the old "phone tree" model. Parents could stay in touch, or ask for a ride, or make a "we did something great together as a family" suggestion and share it with other parents in class.
  • Dodgeball. If you have families who prefer a short and sweet text message, consider playing with a little Dodgeball. This service will send out text messages to several people in your group. Make sure you checkwith parents first, as some text services can charge the cell phone owner for every text message it recieves.

1 comment:

Darcie Brown said...

You are full of great ideas. I can't use Pheeder in Canada, but there are many other companies offering similar services. I think I might send out a call promoting my demos.