Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New blog: Music makes our world go round

I love the subhead, "Let the song in your heart be heard." And I love the city where Betsey, the blog's author, is from--Memphis, TN. They play soul music on the downtown sidewalks there. Hm, hmm.

It's a WordPress blog, and I admire those layouts and designs. The technicolor green masthead of a photo of a highway tunnel gives it an interesting edge of cool. Betsey is a photographer, too. But I'll let her introduce herself.

"I’m a blogger, country music fan, mom, Kindermusik educator, Hallmark-aholic and amateur photographer. Through this blog, I hope to inform, entertain, and just plain amuse. Enjoy the ride!"


musikchik said...

Oh wow Molly! Thanks for the advertising! I'm shocked since the blog is new and sort of a work in progress. Guess I'd better keep it updated now huh? Oh the pressure! But oh what fun!! :0)

Molly McGinn said...

Yep. Welcome blogger girl.