Monday, May 08, 2006

The sound of your voice

I've been trying to figure out how to work Audioblogger, but they're having some issues. It's basically a free feature where you dial a number, enter a pin, and record your audio message. It then converts your voice into a voice-podcast that posts automatically on your blog. That's the big idear anyway.

In a dreamy Kindermusik world: Imagine Grandma in Florida dials a number and sings "Frere Jacques" into a voice message recording. When she hangs up the phone, her voice message is converted to a .mp3 that automatically appears as a link on a Web site. Then every night, you and your kiddie, let's say you live in Verona, WI, go to that Web site where you can hear Grandma singing your little blinker to sleep. What if you could post that music to your slideshow on flickr., even better.

Know of any audio blogger sites? I've seen a few, but they all seem to cost something.

Idea engine cranking thanks to Sean Coon, a local activist and Web 2.0 visionary.

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spcoon said...

too kind, too kind.

molly, please let the ladies of kindermusik know that i still plan on writing that rss post, but i'm a bit tied up with travel and business this week.

very soon...