Monday, May 08, 2006

Look! It's Kindermusik on Flickr!

Helen Peterson from Kindermusik of the Valley in Minnesota posted some of her Kindermusik pictures to flickr, a free, online photo sharing site. This platform lets you post pictures and put them into slideshows, flash badges, and share them online.

Check out some other Kindermusik pictures from around the world posted to flickr (including some pics snapped by Kindermusik's CEO Michael Dougherty at a recent Family Time class.)

Make your own flickr slideshow
Go to flickr.
Open a free account
Follow the instructions and upload the Kindermusik photos you have saved on your computer (with permission from the families).
Encourage families to post their own pictures from class.
When families post a photo, ask them to include “Kindermusik” in the tag.
Enjoy the show. You’ll see photos from families in Kindermusik classes around the world.

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