Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Entertain us: 2006 Kindermusik Convention

We've been talking a lot about this year's Kindermusik Convention and how it's going to look, and sound, a lot different than years' past. Pictured above is another example: Among the list of live musical performances you will hear in Greensboro this November is the UNCG Jazz Ensemble.

Not too long ago I'd hit the Green Bean coffee house on Monday nights when jazz players from UNCG, A&T would come and play. A straight-up jam where players rotated instruments, shouted page numbers from worn, dog-eared copies of the Real Book, and played real, loud, and sad. Trouble is the Bean canned the Monday improv session on account of not enough folks buying expensive beverages.

That's what I loved about the night. You could go in with empty pockets and leave full.

Register for Convention here.
Whether or not you buy expensive beverages is your choice. The band will play anway.

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