Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh, how my fingers ache for thee

No guitar. No blog. I do, however, have a harmonica and a journal and lots of work to do.

Still. Almost a week since I've blogged and I've actually missed it! (Even odder is the exclamation point, I never use those. I like the sound of "even odder" together.)

Travelling this last week through Seattle, and now, in British Columbia, seeing Kindermusik Educators and talking with parents about the Kindermusik experience and how we can improve it--definitely has some up times. Downside, is well, the downtimes. That natural swing of the pendulum leaves behind a lonely feeling.

Those lonlier times were dashed and gone when I logged on and saw that Mollie, Darcie, and the other Educators were still blogging, posting this and that's about whatnot and whosenot. I've been talking to so many new people, that I've craved a little familiarity without the cost of a long distance phone call. I had no idea I'd develop such an ethical addiction to information.

Anyway, I've had some fun too, and I'll blog about the things I've learned about Kindermusik this last week because you'll find them very helpful to your teaching, and your business.

Check out a few of the things I've seen along the way:

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Darcie said...

Thanks for coming out to Abbotsford. It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person! Xander totally fell in love with you. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, he looked over at the airplane you drew for him and told me he wanted to go on it too.