Monday, May 22, 2006

Send more music (sites)

This morning, this email popped up in the Music4Kids email group.

"I live in an isolated area of Mexico and will be homeschooling my children, boy 10 and girl 16, for the first time next year. I bought several of the Classical Kids series to use as a music curriculum for my elementary students. Unfortunately, this is a very weak area for me and I need to supplement the series with some kind of introduction to music, e.g. vocabulary, reading notes, instruments, etc. Does anyone know of anything that might be helpful? Internet sites would be greatly appreciated. "

Richie Havens. He posts pictures and instructions for his self-taught chord shapes--a method he created by watching musicians in Greenwich Village. He shows tuning and chords for a beautiful version of "Here Comes the Sun" with one finger, in open D tuning. It's not theory, but it shows just how beautiful a sound can be when the learning is inspired by wonder.

Know any more? Link me up, or post links in the comment section. Also, the photo here was taken by Kindermusik CEO& President Michael Dougherty at a recent Family Time class.

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