Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trophy kids?

Terri Lenzo sent this Q&A article in the Akron Beacon Journal with Family Psychologist John Rosemond. A parent asked if programs such as Kindermusik were a waste of money. He replied that only status-seeking parents enroll in such programs to create what he calls a "Trophy Child."

Ouch. Like being a parent isn't hard enough.

Wonder if parents in Alyssa Preddie-Allen's special needs classrooms think about trophies when their child joins their typically developing peers after participating in Kindermusik.

Or if parents with kids at La Creche child care center in "Murderapolis" think about trophies when they drop off their kids, and then stand in yet another, federal line hoping for a break, or a warm bed.

Same goes for the kids at St. Mary's who, if left alone, and without access to programs like Kindermusik, would start school 2 full grades behind their peers.

Reality is that there are a lot of families between the posh and poor sides of town who budget and balance every penny to make sure they're setting up the best life possible for their children. Every penny counts. But I know, from my 5 years experience here at Kindermusik, and 2 years teaching in the Kindermusik classroom, that I can tell a difference between a child who has been in Kindermusik and one that hasn't. And I can tell, not by the trophy, or the bumper sticker on the car, but in the eyes of that child.

Parents will either see it as a luxury or a necessity, and that's a personal decision--parents make tough decisions every day, and this is one that bears investigating. We'd like to help. Try a class for free and see if the little hairs on the back of your neck don't stand up. See if your own heart doesn't swell and swoon with a newfound love of learning. See if it's a necessity, or a luxury.

The first class is on us.
Then please tell Mr. Rosemund what you think.


Jessica said...
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Anonymous said...

This is unbelieveable, and I'm so glad you shared it. I can't wait to write a reply. Was this printed in the newspaper, or just online? Someone should write an editorial if it was printed.
Jan Schluter

Jessica said...

I'm just in shock at that article. Especially after so many articles were written about the Mozart effect. He has to know that music is very influential to a growing mind.


Molly McGinn said...

Jan, honey, I'm looking forward to that reply. The only trouble with a letter to the editor is that Rosemond is a syndicated columnist and his articles could be picked up by some 200 Gannett-owned newspapers, including USA Today.

The decision whether or not to run the article is made by each individual paper. So, it's tough to know when and where it could run.

Good thing about the online editions is you can respond right away, in your own voice. I *heart* the internet.

Wonder what Tiger Woods' parents would think?

Jessica, I can't tell if he's too distracted by watching golf, or too busy passing of his old columns as fresh articles to know what the Mozart Effect is.

Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Heather Mayfield said...

I was shocked by this article. Not only as a KM educator, but as a mom. I think his comments and observations about motherhood (stay at home moms, mainly) were offensive!

Thanks to KI for the heads up and for the excellent response letter.

I think we can all take solace in the fact that our Kindermusik families would recognize his comments for the uninformed trash they are.