Thursday, January 25, 2007


Launched in 2005 The Free Sound Project is like a flickr for odd-minutia audio. A place where you can upload, download, or cruise the sound of almost everything, from a child's jewlery box, to a raindrop. Purely exists in the spirit of sharing free sound. There will never be a copyright issue here. The only protection you see is that these sounds will never have copyrighted.

I did do a search on "animals," remembering how much the little ones liked to get around the CD player in Kindermusik class and listen to the sounds. How their eyes lit up when they heard a sound, and then tried to imitate it.

Don't know if I could imitate some of these, though. Worth a try. Or a listen, anyway.

Especially this Tibetan chant.
And this Nightengale.

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