Friday, January 26, 2007

Fly Me to the Moon

When pieced together, pictures of graffitti from around a city sing "Fly Me to the Moon."
That song.
It's one of the first songs I ever played from a Real Book.
One of the first songs jazz mentor Jon Metzger used to show me how to outline chords anywhere on the guitar neck, with the melody line on top.
It was the language used to bridge a generation gap between myself and another music mentor, Mr. Saunders. This retired, piano-playing, martini-swigging neighbor left me his ukulele when he died. A gift in honor of the time I spent at the foot of his hospital bed, playing "Polly Wolly" on a what he called a "crap ukulele."
I may need to go get some paint and stencils.


Sean said...

ah, the question begging to be asked: who gets the map?

Molly McGinn said...

Welcome back.

Nobody gets the map. Still, being the single girl that I am, I do deserve a nice date now and then. So I'll give myself the map.

Thanks for the idea.

Sean said...