Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Xander

I first met Xander when he was just a little kid, like, 3 years old. He wasn't even a big brother yet, like he is now, to Lexi. He hadn't quite earned super-hero staus as Commander Xander, but he still made quite a first impression.

The first question he asked when I climbed out of the car after a long drive from Seattle to his doorstep in Abbotsford, BC, was something to the effect of "Did you bring me any presents?" I was there to host some focus groups with the parents in his mother's Kindermusik program. Fortunately I was prepared with a kazoo fresh from a music museum in Seattle, and a very odd children's book, with accompanying CD.

After a few minutes, we were pals, drawing and telling stories together.

Happy Birthday Commander.

Now, Darcie, how'd you make the cool graphic?

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Darcie Brown said...

You definitely became Xander's friend for life by bringing him presents. His love language is receiving gifts so his little love tank was filled to the top yesterday with all the presents he got.

Jason made the graphic is Adobe Photoshop.