Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where do you stories come from? You.

Listen to, or share with your families, the musical story recordings featured in the new summer camps: Busy Days and Tell Me A Tale. One of my favorites is "Where Stories Come From," which is about a mother who rides a turtle all the way to the bottom of the sea to find stories to tell her own children.

You can copy and paste the links to these stories and email them to your families as free gift, or a special "thank you for spending your summer with me."

Golly-idea: Make it multi-media thank you when you add pictures, or videos, like the turtle video here. First, listen to "Where Stories Come From," then imagine you're riding underwater together when you watch a real turtle swim.

Where Stories Come From
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Clever Mouse Deer
The Six Blind Men and the Elephant
Lazy Jack
Busy Days

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