Monday, July 10, 2006

Imagine That

Enjoy new pictures posted to flickr, via the Kindermusik Educator blog, InJoy.

Psst, hey Injoy, want to comment about where you got the neat pictures posted on your Web site?

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Miss Amy said...

Hey Molly! I'm glad you like the pictures. If you can believe it, the pictures are of me and *actual* Kindermusik students of mine. We had them taken at a great studio, Portrait Innovations - they were super affordable and wonderful to work with! We're thinking of booking a time at their studio this fall where families can have their children's pictures taken with their favorite Kindermusik instruments and also class pictures. It will be a great way not only for them to capture their Kindermusik experience on film, but also for us to gain more photos for our website! :)