Monday, July 03, 2006

48 Hour Film Festival

One thing you may not know about Greensboro is its growing reputation for independent filmmaking. Participation in national events like the 48 Hour Film Festival transform this little big city into a surreal scene. Filmmakers, actors, and crews drop onto the city sidewalks from seemingly nowhere, film a little scene, then pile back into the car like circus clowns and disappear.

There's good reason for comic chaos: Crews only have 48 hours to write, produce, direct, film, edit, and write the soundtrack for the film. No one knows what film they'll have to make until the first day of the festival, when crews draw little slips of paper that will define the genre and a few lines of diaolgue to get started.

The soundtrack is also composed right on the spot. Fun, huh? So if you or some musician you know may be interested in getting involved, see if there is a 48 Hour Film Festival in your town.

Greensboro's begins July 21.

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