Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"I love it when a plan comes together"

Only a few days until the 48 Hour Film Festival and a few "dream team" fellas gave the mighty "Heigh-ho" this morning. I've played with these guys in a couple of different bands, including a ska-funk-reggae band called "Mars Bound Mind," and the alt-country group "Jostle Lee."

The team:
Brett Beardsley.
Affable percussionist extraordinnaire. Brett does this grunt thing after every funny thing he thinks he says and it sounds like punctuation. He plays so loud he puts cotton in his own ears.
Brian Thacker. He has a doctorate in trombone from UNCG, and he also has studio in his backyard along with two bugling beagles. He makes his own didgeridoos out of PVC pipe.
Brad (I can never remember his last name). He's one of those funny pradoxes of a musician. He's a big, big man and he plays the flute. His main instrument is horn, though, and he teaches music at a middle school in High Point. He's a great music educator though, the kids are lucky to have him.
Jessi Hagood. She works here at KI and plays the clarinet, banjo, and smart remarks. Jessi will mostly be working on set as part of the crew, but we'll call her if we need her.

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greenemama said...

you've got to post the finished product . . .