Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What do parents think about Kindermusik?

You could break into their houses and read their diaries. What? Not your style? ‘n k.

Instead you could go to Technorati. It's a search engine, like google. Only you’re searching the online Web logs, aka blogs, of tech-savvy parents who love posting pictures, progress notes, and other dimple-inducing vignettes about their little muses. Think of it as an online baby book. Quite a few write about Kindermusik.

So. Take a look. See what parent’s value about their child’s time in Kindermusik. And while you're there, you'll probably come across a few other blogs created by Kindermusik Educators.

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Darcie Brown said...

Here's a tip for you bloggers - if you use keywords in your post like "Kindermusik" or "baby" you will allow people who are interested in your content to find your blog when they search through Technorati.