Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bubbles: More than meets the eye

Some of the simplest things, like bubbles, can do so much good. Watching soap bubbles can soothe a baby's fussy mood in an instant. Blowing bubbles can help develop lung and breath control. And early on for a child, simply reaching up and popping up a sudsy circle is a sign that she's working on eye-hand coordination, and fine motor control.

What you'll see. Around 5 months, your baby reaches her whole arm towards something she wants. Eventually she’ll grab, and perhaps switch something from hand-to hand. Also around this time, her eyes uncross and her vision improves as she focuses and scans slowly moving objects. Those two developing skills come together as your baby watches you blow bubbles. Plus it’s relaxing, like watching curtains blow in the window. Add a little music and this playful time becomes a soothing ritual as your baby grows.

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