Friday, March 03, 2006

Mahna, Mahna

See what happens in class today if you hum a little of this melody. Hum it in the grocery store line. The coffee shop line. Then let me know how many people actually say back, "Mahna, Mahna." I'll bet lots.

"Mahna, Mahna" was one of my favorite Muppets' songs. And because Jim Henson and the Muppets were so well loved by so many people, it can provide an instant connection between strangers. Try it out.

Not so coincidentally I've been thinking about Jim Henson a lot lately. He used puppets to inspire imagination. We, as Kindermusik Educators, use music. And in class, you give parents the information and insight they need to inspire a child's imagination. Open their minds to finding a more creative, musical way to help them engage, play, interact, and learn with each other.

Inspire imagination. Make it a musical mind.

Mahna, mahna.

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