Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How do you sing a baby star to sleep?

Last night was one of the most clear, starry nights I've seen in a long time. That's not saying much since I've only recently been paying more attention to the stars, ever since a recent visit to the local observatory. One of the astronomers there pointed out what he called a "star nursery." I loved the word so much I scribbled it down in a notebook by blue moonlight.

You can find the star nursery, or nebula, yourself on Orion's belt. In this photo, see where those three stars on his sword point vertically down? See the kind of pinkish star? Where it looks kind of blurry, that's where the stars are being born. Just like real babies, it's super gassy around there, too and that makes it look fuzzy.

So last night when I looked up to say good night to the baby stars, I wondered, "What would you sing a baby star to sleep?" Or would it be good morning? They wouldn't be going to bed until the sun comes up. Crazy kids.

Any ideas? I want to write a song about it.

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