Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tears of joy

I'm squeaking out a proverbial teardrop of pride and joy over the Family Time blog. Yesterday, I had a front row seat on how powerful a mode of communication blogs can be. Also, a front row seat on the talented people who take Kindermusik, and children's learning, seriously.

Here's the story. In the March 22 post "What you'll see in class," an Educator clicked the comment box and wrote about her frustration over not having Unit 2 for Family Time until fall, 2006. It's a very real, concerning issue that affects her life and her business. And since reading her post, Carol Penney, Manager of Curriculum Development, thoughtfully responded. The FT blog's main facilitator, Darcie Brown, posted Carol's response this week.

That kind of communication is what I hoped the blog would, and will do: provide a place for Educators to get together, share experience, and provide solutions.

Makes a blogger proud.

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