Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who do you want to Jott?

Sean and I sat in on Seth Godin's web talk yesterday about his new book, Meatball Sundae. He talked about Jott, a web-based service where you call a phone number, leave a message, and the service will type the message, and send it to your email address, or your phone's text inbox.
I set up an account for myself, but had some trouble leaving a message. But, I was calling from my cell phone, which doesn't pick up sounds so well. And, the service is still in Beta.

Educator tip: Still .... there's an option to send your message to multiple addresses, or phone numbers. That's a quick, easy option if you need to send families a quick message, or reminder, when you're on the run. Might be worth playing around with a bit.

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