Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making way for the new

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post for about 4 weeks now. "This post" being my last post to "we are kindermusik" as its official owner. 

February 1 was my last day at Kindermusik. In recent months it's become clear that it was time to move on. The goal, the hope moving forward, is to start my own online media company and pursue the whimsical notions that you instill into a child's heart and mind every day: music. 

However, Careyanne Deyo will pick up where I left off. And if you don't know Careyanne, you will, and you'll come to love her. 

I could talk about her as a colleague, but that wouldn't describe her. You have to describe Caryeanne as a friend. She's the one who always shows up when she says she will. Speaks in a soft, but audible voice, that relaxes the everyday gnashing noises of the world and makes you grateful for the quiet. Her creativity is persistent, and her heart and mind work together for the Kindermusik Educator. She's also a great supporter of the arts, having recently relocated to New York City so that her very talented husband, Tony Deyo, can be closer to the craft and career he loves as comic writer and performer. 

In the coming days, I'll post more information about where you can find the new and improved Kindermusik blog. 

Whether or not it can be dismantled and played like a symphony orchestra .... well. Maybe.

Thank you all for your support, your interest, and what you do every day for Kindermusik, music and education, families and their children. Kindermusik taught me to love music again, and I wouldn't be where I'm going now, if I hadn't experienced it.

Music is happiness.