Friday, October 16, 2009

Kindermusik's official blog has moved!

The official Kindermusik blog has moved here:

Starting my career at Kindermusik after the infamous Molly McGinn had already left, I never had the pleasure of working with her. Of course, her name is still used around the Kindermusik universe with great reverence. We recently tracked her down and asked for access to this blog so there wouldn't be any confusion about where Kindermusik's "official" blog lives.

On arriving here I find that Molly had racked up 606 posts in the time she maintained this blog. That's astounding and jaw-droppingly impressive. Some of the content is silly, some informative, some random, some laser focused. All of it's valuable, and I'm glad it lives on on the web.

To keep up with the latest and greatest at Kindermusik and the world of music and childhood development, please come join us at Minds on Music. We'll have contributions from educators, Kindermusik employee-owners, and guest writers. Thanks. Hope to see you there.
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