Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Screen shots

Merri asked the other day how to capture the image from the network program. Here are a few directions on taking screen shots from my favorite little birdie, Sean.

on a pc, hit "ctrl" + "print screen", then go into a paint program and
paste it ("ctrl" + "v") into a new file. crop away.

with a mac, hit "command" + "shift" + "4" to get a screenshot cursor, drag
it around the area you want captured, let go (listen for the snapshot sound),
open the "Picture 1.png" file on the desktop and crop away.


Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks to you and to Sean, Molly! Now I have another new tool to put in my bag of tricks.

....bowing in homage to his computerness......



Molly McGinn said...

Miss Merri ... how are you liking Facebook?

Anonymous said...

I'm learning my way around. I look at it like learning a video game - first, you just try whatever the mood strikes, learn the ropes, then settle in for the duration.

Maybe it's my 53yo, almost 54yo mind saying this, but there *is* a learning curve there that can be kind of intimidating at first. Everyone else seems to be so *busy* with all the stuff they have on their page.

But I do enjoy touching base with my friends and seeing what they've got going on. I think it saves time, emailing back and forth. I can just post a blurb about what I'm doing, and my friends can check in, drop a line, and then go on. Kind of like passing each other in the hallway in high school or out in the parking lot after class, hmm?

Btw, please tell your favorite little birdie, Mr. Sean, *thank you* from me. That little tip worked like a charm!