Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A personalized FOL

Careyanne sent a head's up to this innovative post at Kindermusik's Musik and Motion.

The blogger and Kindermusik Educator, Sunny Kira, posts a video of a parent and child interacting together at home. The little girl whisks about the room and pretends to host a Kindermusik class.

What's so innovative is how Miss Sunny explains on her blog exactly what is happening in this simple interaction. She reinforces the parent's good direction, all while giving parents who are visiting her blog insight into the Kindermusik experience.

I'm amazed at how each one of you put your own spin on the blogging concept: posting pictures, video and pictures, games and activities. In turn, you create and perpetuate a vital community for the parents in your program, some very creative ways.

You make me so proud to be a Kindermusik Educator.

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