Monday, June 04, 2007

Deep in the heart of Texas

She's only been blogging a few days and the girl already knows how to embed videos, post slide shows, and self-promote. But that's how they do in Texas, they do it big, right Sharon?



Merri said...

Sharon is an *amazing* lady, Molly! Ask her for some of her artwork for her camps! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I visited your blog this evening to learn more about your music. Wow, was I surprised to see a photo of me with your kind blurb.

Speaking of everything being bigger in TX, my brother says the TX flag is always bigger when flying next to the US flag in TX. He lives in CA and likes to pick at me about that. Yet, so far, I haven't seen it ... LOL

The Kerrville Folk Festival is going on about 30 miles down the road. Somehow I think you would fit right in. I look forward to meeting you at convention (if I get to go).

Thanks, again!

Anonymous said...

Oops ... I'm not anonymous. I'm Sharon!

Molly McGinn said...

Sharon, it's good to see you here.

Now what's this Merri says about your art work?

Merri said...

Ask about her CATO labels and t-shirt transfer. :::grin:::

Molly McGinn said...

Well. Sharon?

Sharon said...

Gee, Molly, Merri is kind. Actually, I used clip art which I purchased from a graphic artist. You will have to check out her website ~
Her name is Helena, and she lives in Sweden. You can purchase her artwork online. So, I used her ocean artwork on items I made for CATO. I love her work!

I read that your dad used to sing "Luckenbach, Texas" to you when you were a child. Guess what? I live right here by Luckenbach. It's just a few miles down the road.