Monday, June 11, 2007

Even my remedial skills grasp this math

"A voluntary, high-quality, universal prekindergarten education program is estimated to increase the compensation of workers by $432 billion and reduce the costs to individuals of crime and child abuse by $156 billion."

Color me an advocate for universal pre-K.


Yvette said...

I wish there was some understanding and widespread acceptance of Kindermusik as a high quality pre-school program. Parents FIRST think of all the "PRESCHOOLS" in the area as THE choices in preschool programming. That's my big "competition". (I do have a few homeschool parents who call Kindermusik their "preschool"...but interestingly it's because in the social circles of preschool aged children even the kids themselves nag their parents to enroll them in "preschool".) As a homeschool parent and advocate I say the most quality I can give my own children in the preschool arena is myself as teacher/mother! Second: Kindermusik.
OK, I was wondering how that study was going to work it's way to my blog....guess I just figured it out. Thanks Molly!

Molly McGinn said...

Perfect Yvette.

And I was thinking as I read this study, "what do they mean when they say, high quality pre-K education?" What's the standard?

I'm going to call the place who released and ask what they tell schools to look for in high quality programs, ie, what's the criteria?

That should help, I hope.

Otherwise, if you know anything, let me know....

Yvette said...

Yeah, this is a big stew pot I think! I can't say at all that I'm an advocate with the wording of Universal PreKindergarten education program....that sounds way "required" and way to far away from families choosing....Even though they used the word "voluntary".

I want to know what they tell PARENTS to look for in high quality programs.

Thanks for digging deeper.