Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three ways you can build Sign & Sing enrollments

On Wednesday, you can find the Sign & Sing Session B Parent Email Databanks online in Teacher's Lounge. Educator, mentor, and this session's email writer Debby Long had some great suggestions about how you can help parents feel a stronger connection to the class.

  • Find signing resources in your community. Look in your community for listings about signing clubs, workshops, or classes in your area to continue your Education about signing. Plus, it’s a great way to meet people in your community who are interested in signing, and perhaps, in signing up for your class.
  • Start a signing playgroup. It could be as simple as putting out a piece of paper in your studio with a suggested time for parents get together for a “signing” playgroup. Then these families can together at the park, the museum, or the zoo, and help each other use sign language through out the play date.
  • Connect the learning to the next semester. Make a connection to the signs you're learning now, this semester, to the stories, learning theme, or musical concepts you'll be covering in a Kindermusik class next semester in your Village, Our Time, Imagine That! and Family Time class themes.

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