Monday, November 20, 2006

Online children's art gallery

The mouse-drawn pictures you see here are the point and click creations of two 6-year-old children in opposite corners of the world: Berlin, Germany, and Boston, Massachussets. Their pictures hang together on the user-generated walls of "Artroom, Where Kids Can Make & Display Art Online."

Here, children can draw, submit, even go back and edit their pictures online, and see their pretty pictures hang on the virtual hall of refrigerators around the world.
Makes me wish this was around in my Lite Brite days.


Notable Beginnings Music School said...

Hi Molly! I absolutely adore your blog and am getting SO many good ideas from it (can you say "plagiarism?"). The only complaint is that when I'm trying to WORK and build a new entry for my own blog, I somehow always end up on one of your sites - this, flickr, your YouTube channe - and I get totally distracted. DARN YOU AND YOUR IRRESISTABLE POSTS, MOLLY! :-<

(P.S. - I'm using photobucket right now - how is flickr better? I'm still at a point where I could switch with few issues...)

Darcie + Xander said...

The was super cool. Xander's been playing with my old lite brite at my parent's place and he enjoyed making his own artroom art.